General Terms and Conditions

At 918Kiss, we accept customers who are of the legal age in their country and as well as those above 18 years of age. We need players who are responsible for their actions and can act responsibly when placing their bets. That’s why we have an age limit that every player should strictly follow. We, therefore, hold the mandate to do away with any deals involving underage members.

Our terms state that the partner’s rules should be in line with the individual gaming rules. Thus, any issue encountered by a member is quickly handed over to our support team for a fast solution. We then keep the tabs on the unfolding of the issue, but in the end, we must know of our partner’s decision.

We highly reject any bets placed by the aid of robots and artificial intelligence software. To us, such bets are null and void.

The tight security at the 918Kiss site gives our customers a stress-free playing time and utmost protection. We are, however, not liable to any losses experienced as a result of the hacking of the player’s account. This is because we consider this as sheer negligence of their sensitive information on the gaming account. For an issue from our end, we quickly provide a solution to give you maximum fun on the site. For extended security, we don’t allow withdrawals before playing just because a deposit has been made.

Security Terms

Our goal is to provide security to all the players’ accounts on our site. We have put in place security measures like hiring professional personnel and software for this purpose. Nonetheless, it’s the member’s personal responsibility to take care of their account from hacking and malware. They should keep their usernames and passwords privately to prevent identity theft. 918Kiss is not liable to any for theft of your personal information.

Bonus Terms

The criteria for awarding our bonus is strictly one account for one member. That’s why we will use just a single valid email address for all transactions. The opening of a second account is against our terms and conditions, and therefore grounds for forfeiture of the account.

918Kiss does not allow withdrawing of cash before the target of the promotional rollover is met. This includes the bonus and the subsequent winnings.
Here is what happens when a player wants a promotion but the bonus has yet been credited into the account:

  • 918Kiss requests the member to increase the balance in their account since the account balance is insufficient. Alternatively, the member can make another deposit and only then can we initiate the credit of the bonus.
  • 918Kiss can at any time turn down a withdrawal request upon the non-fulfillment of a bonus rule. In such a case, the member is supposed to make another withdrawal request once they meet this condition.
  • 918Kiss holds the right to refuse a withdrawal request of a member who continues playing even after a promotion bonus has been credited into their account. This happens when they either want to cancel or withdraw the balance. Unless the promotion condition is met, withdrawal is not allowed.
  • Only the bets that give loss and win returns are considered as opposed to drawing bets and void wagers.
  • Only 50% RNG Games and 25% of total wagers attribute to the bonus unless the terms state otherwise.
  • We have the right to extend the promotion period by either reducing or increasing it.
  • 918Kiss strictly request the member’s proof of identity for the purpose of security checks. We do this by confirming that the personal details provided; the payment addresses and the location are valid.
  • Promotions come after any deposit bonus starting with the first one. At no time can the promotions precede the bonuses.
  • We forbid our employees and any of their relatives from securing a 918Kiss account. Our goal is to make sure no one takes advantage of our promotion deals as well as other sensitive information.
  • We will at some circumstances publish the members’ first name, their surname and city of origin to build our brand. However, we do this once we get the consent of the player. Except for this situation, we advise the players to keep their account information private and confidential.
  • We suppose that everyone involved in the 918Kiss promotion has read and understood our terms and conditions and are ready to abide by them. In the event that you disagree with any rule herein, feel free to contact our customer support team for further correspondence.

Banking Terms

In 918Kiss, we have tight rules on the banking section. The grounds in which we credit the member’s account is after we receive a deposit. To confirm any transactions, we advise members to keep the bank receipts securely for future proof.

After you have successfully transacted, please contact us immediately so that we hasten the process. In fact, we can get you the cash in 15 minutes’ time.
918Kiss requests the members to give out their personal details, for instance, bank details and personal details. Such information facilitates the transaction process. However, transaction during the verification process goes against our terms and conditions. So, we reject the withdrawals in such a situation alongside confusion in the information you provided.