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Although the SlotsUp team loves free online slots, we love even more to play them for real money and stakes just like the regular die hard casino games fan. We also face challenges that every other casino games fan faces when trying to find a trustworthy online casino. There are numerous fraudulent online casino sites to be wary of and one can never be certain that that they are playing an original game without hidden pitfalls and traps designed to cheat us of our money.


But alas, we have come to your rescue with this page that was created with the aim of helping you understand all things related to online gambling. We will explain to you what an online casino is, how they work, how to identify the genuine and trustworthy ones, which casino bonuses are worth it and everything you need to know before creating your online casino account to avoid being conned by fraudsters.

This page also contains a list of the most trusted online casinos and the most concise online casino reviews to play your most loved real money slots. You can either take your time to read the whole article to get a deeper understanding or just navigate to the areas that interest you the most.


Online Casino Types


This is the perfect place for all gamblers – there’s a new experience for seasoned gamblers and it is also perfect for greenhorns who don’t know much about gambling and are still undecided on the online casino to choose. We are dedicated to teaching you all the basics you need to know about the various types of online casinos, how payment is managed, how to deposit funds and withdraw winnings. We’ll also guide you in creating your first online casino account.


These processes may appear straightforward but it needs time to get used to. You may opt to do it all by yourself, but wouldn’t you rather spend your time playing casino games instead of scouring through volumes of tutorials and online casino reviews?

The SlotsUp team is dedicated to providing you a seamless introduction into the gambling industry. So, let’s get started by exploring the various types of online casinos in the gambling industry.


No Download Online Casinos


It is also referred to as instant play online casino and is definitely the best choice for beginners. As the name implies, it does not require any sort of download and you can play real money slots directly from your browser. You will need to instal the Flash Plugin, although this might soon become obsolete because most providers of casino games are creating HTML5 slots. All that is required for you to play in a no download online casino is to visit the website, create an account and login, then make a deposit and start playing!

No download online casinos are incredibly fast and do not place any burden on your hard drive.



Download Online Casinos


This is the exact opposite of no download online casinos, this implies that you need to download and run an application or software to play in this type of online casino. Although most online casinos employ the no download model, quite a handful still use the download model.



Live Casino


This type of online casino is for those who love the feeling of a dealer handing out cards to you. The gaming process is made interactive by live feeds of real dealers from all over the world linked together by cameras. This real game streaming service gives you the opportunity of having the full experience of an actual real life casino without having to step out of your home. Card games like Bojack and Baccarat are are the most popular games in live casinos, although some offer different roulettes and various other casino games. Live casinos use cards larger than the usual ones to enable online players can view them from the smallest of screens.



Mobile Casino


Technological advancements have enabled to perform almost all tasks from the comfort of our mobile phones. These days you can use your smartphone to order food, book a ride, organize and pay your bills, buy your favorite movies and control your home. Gambling hasn’t been left behind in these advancements, you can now make poker bets and spin the reels of real money slots in the mobile casino. Most of the leading online casino games providers have mobile slots that can be accessed when you visit the online casino site from your tablet or smartphone. Some go a step further to provide downloadable specialized mobile apps where you can play casino games.




Virtual Reality Casino


Not quite long ago, Virtual Reality was a concept reserved for sci-fi movies and nerds imaginations, but now it is one of the core foundations to future technologies. Virtual Reality casinos offers you the chance of an immersive user experience from the comfort of your couch or bed, all you need is your VR headset and voila, you can find yourself in a Las Vegas casino ordering a drink and playing roulette with strangers. If you have ever played Oculus Rift you’d understand just how amazing VR is. Getting the equipment necessary will cost a significant amount of money, but trust us when we say the experience will be worth it. Besides, you can always win back the money!



Casino Bonus Types


Everyone loves bonuses, it’s our favorite! There must have been countless times when you tried buying something online or just watching a movie then got bombarded with flashy casino ads enticing you with no deposit bonus, guaranteed free spins, etc. In this section we will deal with what these bonuses are and what they mean. As of now, there are three types of casino bonuses that can be found in almost all online casinos.


Welcome or Sign Up Bonus


This is one of the most loved types of online casino bonuses, but sadly it is only available once, when you make your initial deposit. This bonus is sort of like a welcome package, it offers you a deposit bonus of sometimes up to 100% of the amount of your first deposit. Some big online casino providers offer bonuses on more than just your first deposit, some may give you a 50% bonus on the second deposit and a 20% bonus on the third, and so on.


No Deposit Casino Bonus


Some generous online casinos offer this type of bonus that doesn’t require a deposit. You can access this bonus and play real money slots free of charge without spending or making any deposit. This bonus is available right after you create your online casino account.



Free Spins Bonus


When you come across the phrase “free spins” you know for sure that it has to do with online slots. Free spin bonuses are simply a number of free games on some featured or most popular slots. Most online casinos provide information concerning free spins bonus on their promotions page. The common practice is to get your free spin after a deposit and the bet amount will be fixed when the game commences.


Ensure you check the necessary pages on the online casino to get the full information concerning casino bonuses. Apart from these three types of bonuses, some online casinos offer other bonuses such as happy hours and betting marathons that offer you discounted game rates and bigger winnings respectively.



How Do We Choose Online Casinos


Finally, the million dollar question arrives: How do we pick online casinos to list on our website?

The first thing worth knowing is that the SlotsUp team has many years of experience in the gambling industry and this experience has taught us to identify safe and fraudulent sites at a glance. Although our experience counts for a lot, there are certain guidelines we follow to ensure that only the best online casinos get listed on the SlotsUp site


  1. The online casino must possess a license from a gambling license authority. This is the most paramount criteria and can never be ignored. We will go into further details on the licensing process later in the article.
  2. The online casino must have a 24/7 live customer care channel that will help with queries about game processes, deposits, winnings or any other question likely to arise from the use of the online casino.
  3. Reputation. Some websites have made a name for themselves by focusing exclusively on creating lists of trusted and licensed online casinos for many years, we’ve come to trust their opinions. Some of these sites are casino meister and wizard of odds.
  4. Numerous casino games from trusted and popular software developers. We’ve noticed that the more games a casino has, the more reliable it usually is. NetEnt and Microgaming are some popular software developers, any online casino that has games from them is most likely a reliable one.
  5. High payouts limits and promptness of payment process are sure signs of a reliable real money online casino. Any casino that takes more than 48hrs to process payout or any other requests should be avoided.



Casino Games


All real online casinos offer a broad list of games that differs from other casinos. Numerous online casinos prefer to limit their games list to slot games exclusively while others prefer variety and mix up their lists to include other casino games such as bojack, scratch cards, video poker, baccarat and others. Although some no download casinos may be viewed to offer a broader demo games list than us, we are constantly striving to keep our lists up to date with the newest slots. Demo games are simply free trials of casino games that you play to decide if you’ll spend money on it or not. This option is especially useful to beginners who don’t know how to play casino games as it gives them time to become familiar and develop their own betting strategies before actually betting on any game.


When compared with other online casino websites, our big advantage is that all the 3000+ slots on SlotsUp are free by default. Our custom made algorithm ensures you play real money slots free of charge until you decide to bet real money, all you need to do is click on “play in casino” and you’ll be redirected to the online casino that offers the game. Our system also tracks your location with your permission and will only show you casinos that are available in your country.



Casino Software/Games Providers


As earlier stated, the best online casinos have games created for them by the biggest and most popular casino software providers like EGT, NetEnt and Microgaming. These companies are bigshots and have been around the niche for many years, they are also licensed in many countries. Their games are sort of an unofficial seal of genuineness for online casinos. You can be certain that any online casino that has games from these developers is one that has all the required licenses and certificates.


The casino games portfolio is expanding by the day. There is always an emergence of new software providers and a release of new games. Gone are the days where casinos use old school flash games like Book of Ra to gain customers. They now employ more advance means by updating their list 3D, HD and html5 real money slots that can run smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices. These advancements have made these games look like high definition video games instead of just primitive graphics. Today, competition amongst online casinos is fierce so they try to keep up to date with the latest technologies and being responsive to customers.



Payment Systems


It’s best to choose the simplest way to make deposits when you play real money slots in the online casino. Tons of payments options that work across different currencies exist in the gambling industry. All the different payment options have their own perks and disadvantages, some are popular among many users and some aren’t. Below is a list of the various payment systems available for you to choose from.


Visa/Mastercard. Using a credit card is widely considered as the most convenient way to make a deposit into your online casino account. Visa and Mastercard are highly safe and reliable, almost all online casino platforms accept payment from them.


Paypal. This is a widely used e-wallet employed in making deposits and withdrawals from your online casino account. Paypal is safe and protects its customers properly to ensure your funds are secure. Although Paypal is widely used, it isn’t available in some countries and gamblers in those countries will have to select a different payment option.


Neteller. This is another e-wallet that is accepted by more than 150 nations in the world. Not so long ask Neteller was the most popular payment option in online casinos. Although credit cards are now more popular, a lot of casinos accept Neteller and it is used as the main payment option by many gamblers. Neteller isn’t available for gamblers located in USA.


Paysafecard. This option is best for gamblers are reluctant to disclose their credit card information. Paysafecard is a prepaid card that can be bought from their various outlets across the world. There are about 500,000 Paysafecard outlets in the world, the cards are used to buy goods on online stores and to pay for games in online casinos. The real setback to this option is that the cards may be difficult to find, especially in smaller countries.


There exists other payment options outside these ones. Bank wire, check, Entropay and EcoPayz are other options that can be used to make deposits. Some online casinos even accept payments through bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

Ensure you confirm you can withdraw by going through the listed payment options before you make a deposit.



Gambling Licenses


As promised earlier, we’ll now go into more detail about gambling licenses. All online casinos should pass the licensing procedure as it is very vital. The gambling license is a document issued by gambling agencies to give casinos the authority to operate and do business in the gambling industry. Casinos must meet the standards stipulated by the regulation board before gaining approval for licensing.


There are many licensing jurisdictions that have the power to issue licensing certificates depending on the casino’s location. askme of these agencies are Malta Gambling Commision, the UK Gambling Commission, the Isle Man Gambling Jurisdiction, Gibraltar Licensing Authority and a lot more.


We would like to clearly state that SlotsUp does not work with unlicensed online casinos. All real money casinos listed on our site are licensed, hence, you can be sure to play with peace of mind.


Good Luck!


After you’ve set off into the world of gambling, it’ll dawn on you that the internet is full of online casinos that look incredibly cool and safe. To be safe, ensure you read the online casino reviews on this site before you make any deposits or attempt to play. Our pages exist on all popular social media platforms, we set these up to inform you about real money slots and answer all questions you may have concerning online casinos. We are always available to answer your questions!


We wish to comment on one more thing – gambling awareness. Everyone knows that gambling with real money is fun, the act of winning and getting money is exciting but it should never take the of your primary source of income. Never take your winnings or losses to heart, gambling is just entertainment and remember that entertainment costs money. It’s possible to hit the jackpot in one moment and lose everything in the next. The SlotsUp team wishes you the best in you  gambling endeavors and hope our reviews and demo games are useful to you.