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Are you a gambler? Are you looking for the most satisfactory casino experience ever? If yes, then SCR888 is the place to be! This online casino is the best online gambling platform that offers quality gaming services. It is the best online gambling site with many interesting games and big prizes to die for. The best part is, its presentation is fascinating with an ultra-modern interface that sets a perfect mood for gaming.


As technology advances, lots of Internet users also advance their tricks. SCR888’s great reputation attracted many greedy internet operators who created counterfeit products and lured unsuspecting clients. As a measure to curb this, SCR888 rebranded to Kiss 918. The new version has better features but maintained its authenticity. Here are some of its features:

Best features

  • Secure

Considering the numerous untrustworthy sites, Kiss918 came up with the most advanced security features to ensure that their clients do not get scammed. Some of these great features include end-to-end encryption. When on this site, you are guaranteed a secure session. Also, the results are protected from third parties who might manipulate them. Additionally, you are guaranteed to get your payment.

  • Accessible

Yes, scr888 is easily accessible through any device you have. Its game downloads are compatible with both android and IOS devices. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can enjoy gambling in Malaysia.

  • Ease of Transactions

Transactions are easy to conduct through the platform. You can withdraw or deposit money with ease through the payment platform given by 918kiss. This is different from other gambling sites in Malaysia, where you encounter difficulty when withdrawing your money.

  • Online support

Kiss918 support team is worth complementing. They work 24/7 to ensure that you have the best gaming experience. They are always there to help in case you encounter any troubles. Their replies are fast. Kiss918 support is scrupulous, and that is something worth appreciating.

  • Variety gaming

Kiss 918 has many interesting games all for you. They have a variety of games you have been looking for. They are not limited to just the obvious. They even got new games regularly to ensure that your gambling experience is unsurpassable. This is perfect for adventure lovers who get out of the cage and explore all the possibilities.

  • Best service

888scr is reputable for its quality of services they offer. It is by far the best gaming site you can get in Malaysia. With its heightened security features, ease of operating, 24-hour services, and hardworking support team, they deserve to be the best.

Top 10 SCR888 slot games for you!

Now when you know something about m.scr888 and  918kiss, it is important to know what games to play. There are numerous games you would love to try and spend your time having fun. These games have the most interesting playing facts as well as high winning rates and bonus.  Here are some of the top games at scr888.


  1. Sultan’s Gold

If you prefer more exquisite themes, Arabian themes, for example, you will fall in love with this one. It has perfect graphics standards, no complicated rules, and a wide winning margin. To enjoy the best out of this scr888 game, it is important to install a flash player.

  1. Hot Gems

This is a game with a wide winning margin. It gives one a chance to win more than 10 free spins! Where else can you get that? Only here! It has great features that increase your winning chances. It consists of 25play lines and 5 reels with both wild and scatter symbols. Moreover, its graphics and playing panel are just perfect.

  1. Royal Ace Casino

Royal Ace Casino is the best option for veterans and experienced gamers. This casino game has the seven-tier club feature that makes it one of a kind. It has a special welcome bonus and also, you get a chance to wager for bigger rewards. The best part is that you can play this game using flash software.

  1. Safari Heat

This video slot has an African theme, that incorporates many aspects of the African savanna. It comes with 15 play lines and 5 reels. It is one of the best scr888 games available. It is easy to understand, loads instantly and makes the player be engaged for long periods.

  1. Plenty O’Fortune

This is another entertaining online slot machine game that has simple rules and easy to play. It gives you a chance to win a cash prize and bonuses too. It has 20 play lines and 3 free spins.

  1. Captain’s Treasure

This is a uniquely interesting game that comes with an option to substitute the wild symbol for the scatter symbol. It is even more interesting when you play the pirate and search for the treasure. It has 20 play lines and 5 spinning reels. You can multiply using the wild symbol.

  1. Halloween Fortune

Halloween Fortune is an exciting slot game that gets you hooked up to your game. It comes with a 10x multiplier that gives you a chance to win big. It also has wild and scatter features that increase your chances of winning. You also get to enjoy big bonuses.

  1. The Bonus Bears

This is the newest 888 SCR or 918 Kiss slot machine game with a user-friendly interface. It provides more incentives to win, more spins, and a welcome bonus. This game is interesting, and it is definitely worth your time. The best part is that it can be played by both the newbie and the experienced.

  1. Panther Moon

This is a jungle-themed casino game that has amazing soundtracks, perfect graphics, and high standard animations that make the game super awesome. It combines a variety of payouts, and the reels are free!

  1. Great Blue

Great Blue is a slot machine game with the highest variance that gives you a chance to earn large sums. This awesome slot game contains 23 spins that come with a 10x multiplier plus a free spin bonus.


For a thrilling gambling experience, kiss 918 online slots are your best companion in slot games Malaysia. With their new security features, a variety of games and their meticulous support team, you are guaranteed of a mind-blowing gaming experience ever. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you only deal with authorized agents to avoid being scammed.


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